Iwan Baan

Last week a friend of mine forwarded an article my way, and since then I’ve spent some time poring over the website of an architecture photographer who’s doing some really cool work, all over the globe. His photographs are about more than just architecture – or at least, they tend to offer context for the architecture, and to situate it as a backdrop for daily life. Some of them are simply beautiful in an almost decorative way, or inspire architecture envy. My favorites are his images of buildings amidst urban sprawl, shot from helicopters. I think they reveal some of the things I like most about big cities: the chaos, immensity, and the idea of something that has taken on a life of its own. Check out this image of Inner-City Arts in Los Angeles or this one of the Art Gallery of Ontario, and I think you’ll see what I mean.


5 responses to “Iwan Baan

  1. Hey that was me! I’m the friend :). Glad you’re finding his work inspiring.

  2. I also like aerial views like this but for a different reason — I think back to when the land was void of people and how they gathered with each other to form communities. Building relationship after relationship.

  3. That’s incredible. L.A. is literally an expanse of blacktop. The skyscrapers rising through the fog of the foothills is beautiful.

  4. it’s funny to me that cities, which in many ways encapsulate everything i hate about contemporary human life (it’s speed, consumptiveness), do take on this beauty merely for the fact that they are those things: fast, large monuments to human busyness. Beautiful photogs either way, thanks for the heads-up.

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