After playing tourist in Boston last weekend, I headed off to Chicago for a few days of the real thing. Of course, I was interested in checking out the bicycle situation, and was curious to see who would be biking in another northern city in February.  There seemed to be few on bikes in the downtown area, and no bike lanes that I could see (from the sidewalks – I never actually got on a bike myself), but there were some hardy souls out and a plethora of parking options for them to take advantage of. For some reason this bicycle owner chose a trash bin instead.

A little further out, in Wicker Park, there were a lot more people on bicycles and a greater diversity of riders (in that they weren’t all male), as well as plenty of indicators of bike-pride. Note the fabulous wooden fenders!


2 responses to “Chicago

  1. Chicago! In the Loop, the very center of downtown, there are no bike lanes. Generally, the streets are so congested, bike lanes are unnecessary and would be dangerous. Almost all of the cyclists I see in the Loop are bike messengers. Lots of people ride downtown for work, but head straight in and out of there as quickly as possible.

    Wicker Park is an excellent neighborhood for bike-spotting, with the most cyclists. Skewed to more “hipster” types of young cyclists, but that includes lots of women and people dressed in street clothes.

    I hope you enjoyed your trip. If you plan another trip to Chicago, drop me a line beforehand.

  2. Hi Dottie! Thanks for the Chicagoan perspective. It’s always hard to try to get a good sense for a city in just a few days. Chicago was so big that I felt like I only touched the tip of the iceberg, but it seems like a great place to be.

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