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new digs

My long silence is partly due to a move I made at the beginning of the month, which involved relocating to a new neighborhood of Boston. Settling in was my priority for the past few weeks, but I’ve still had to make my way to work each day, and my new commute has given me lots of new things to share.

My new neighborhood is much denser than the old, and rather than being in a duplex with a big front porch, I’m now in a fifth floor walk-up, which creates a new challenge for bike storage. I have access to a basement, which I thought I would pull the bike into to avoid bad weather, but I’m finding that was overambitious of me. Bad weather is frequent and unpredictable in Boston, after all. I quickly surrendered in the face of the frequent rain showers (and thunderstorms) we’ve been having lately. My poor bike is just going to have to make the most of it out there. I’m sure I would ride less if I had to drag it out of the basement every morning, and that’s the last thing I want.